Apart from training weapon, including swords, daggers, and dussacks, the web shop offers as well various head, leg, arm, and torso protectors. You will find there quality fencing jacket, padded skirt, mask overlays, gloves and numerous other items, offering maximum safety, along with high comfort. Check the full offer!

Fencing jacket

What are your plans for your next vacation? Visit the Sudetes - lovely mountain range offering amazing walking and trekking holidays in Poland. You can choose easy, moderate or tough routes for the most sturdy tourists. On a free day you can go to Prague to check this amazing city with its rich nightlife. Choose!

Walking and trekking holidays in Poland

What is FitPandas? It is a company that offers fitness training in Perth to everybody trying to stay healthy, fit and slim. Our offer is exceptional as it has been prepared by professionals with respect to different goals set by our Client in front of themselves. Check out the full spectrum of possibilities!

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