Hire one of the most experienced and reliable experts in CNC wood cutting in London and get your bespoke design ready. The company uses modern flatbed machinery with 3x2 metres bed, which allows to work with the highest precision with a variety of materials, such as aluminium, Corex, Foamex, acrylic and others. It allows to prepare virtually any shape in numerous sizes. Check the pictures to see the company's previous projects and the quality of their work. All of the details are on the website.

CNC wood cutting London

The company has more than half a century of experience in the design and production of industrial machinery used by, e.g. dewatering stations, waste management, environmental protection agencies and many others. Decanting centrifuges included in the offer are reliable, efficient and are prepared to work uninterruptedly in difficult conditions.

Decanting centrifuges

High quality, efficiency and reliability are three features forming perfect equipment, such as stretch blow molding machine. Manufactured by experienced, innovative SMF company, the machinery ensures the output of even 12.000 BPH. Characteristic features of every stretch blow molding machine are simplicity and unique technological solutions.

Stretch blow molding machine

Among professional equipment for installation and repair of pipelines of different types, we have prepared as well reliable pipe squeezers. The offer includes three basic types covering most of the needs during work with angle and straight connections. Choose our aligners to ensure stability and reliability of each installation.

Pipe squeezer